The digital shield to protect your personal data from cyber attacks


Secure your data to protect your business

70% of VSEs/SMEs/Local Authorities are not equipped for cybersecurity, despite the fact that copiers and printers are one of the first entrypoints for cyber-attacks. Are you protected?

SYLink is a trusted French publisher and designer of innovative cybersecurity solutions, designed to meet your specific digital protection needs.

For an optimal operational security, the SYLINK Box provides a comprehensive response to cyber-attacks. The next-generation firewall offers complete protection for your computer networks against cyberattacks, malware, viruses, spam, intrusions and other security threats, thanks to powerful next-generation technology.

Copiers and printers are the most common entry points for cyberattacks

A disruptive innovation

Technological innovation to strengthen the security of your network, peripherals and personal databases
Inspects, analyzes, detects and protects against access attempts and malicious activity in real time
Protection against cyberthreats: data theft, scams, viruses, intrusions, espionage, identity theft, ransomware, etc.
French Fab: SYLINK Box is 100% French assembled and manufactured. Immediate availability.
French Tech: Designed and developed by a dedicated team, the software integrated into the Box is 100% French.
Box and Software Made in France

The SYLINK Box incorporates numerous protection features

Protect your network according to the 12 key points recommended by ANSSI
Inspects, analyzes, detects, protects and alerts you to danger in real time
Detects intrusions and malicious activities
Measures your company's productivity
Secures your network's data flows
Automatically generates reports and analyses on the network's state
Secures your personal database and identifiers

SYLINK, the global protection solution

A solution already used and tested by the highest authorities of the French state, affordable for all sizes of structure, easy to set up and benefiting from powerful next-generation technology.

Quick and easy installation in just a few minutes due to an intuitive interface

All important information are displayed on the touchscreen, allowing you to control your network at your fingertips.

All information on the general status of your network can be found on the main screen.
The Security Index page lets you consult a list of threats classified by degree of threat, and advises you on how to resolve them.
View a list and analysis of all the devices connected to your network, along with their degree of risk and related information.
An activity report lets you keep an eye on which devices are affected by threats and how dangerous they are.
Stay alert wherever you go by checking and controlling your network remotely from your smartphone.

Application available for iOS and Android

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