The industrial expert in the production of single-use consumables

A major player in sustainable development and the circular economy in Europe

Over the past 20 years, the Prolaser Group has become one of Europe's leading suppliers of alternative consumables and printing services. Our group is also a major player in sustainable development and the circular economy in Europe, collecting up to 10 million cartridges every year with Valorink. Prolaser's ambition is to become a leader in single-use consumables in Europe, particularly in the field of Medical Devices and PPE for all sectors (medical, industrial, food-processing...), having been committed to this field since 2020, mobilizing its 200 employees and strong logistics capacity to meet global demand for PPE.

Our group, the European leader in the alternative printing consumables market, has the particularity of producing in France part of the inkjet range with printheads. This production, combined with the collection (10 million cartridges per year) and distribution of alternative inkjet and toner cartridges, positions us as the European leader in the circular economy.

In a competitive and evolving market, Prolaser pursues a policy of investment and innovation to be a partner of the future with all European resellers by providing the end user with a simplified and enriched experience through his printing needs.

A wide range of printing products are in stock and ready to be shipped: 2500 laser toner references, 1400 inkjet cartridges, 220 ribbons, 140 large formats, 60 mailing machines. Discover also our references in the field of health and personal protective equipment for all sectors of activity (medical, food industry, industry...): gloves, masks, Covid tests, hydroalcoholic gels and solutions, hygiene, protective clothing, etc.

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Order processing

Orders are processed by the different Business Units but will all eventually (2022) be prepared and shipped from our logistics platform in La Boissière des Landes, Vendée.

Thanks to the management of our EDI flows and our different options, your orders are processed in real time to be delivered in 24 to 72 hours, from the small parcel to the pallet or the truck.

After-sales service

Our after-sales service deals with return requests as soon as they are received. A return authorization is then sent within a maximum of one hour, summarizing the products that will be exchanged or credited.

Our logistic platforms

Our modern logistics platform, delivered in 2019, manages more than 5,000 references with an average flow of 7 million products with real-time control and management of flows

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