A range that emphasizes the circular economy, environmental responsibility and positive impact

SWITCH RE: a brand completely dedicated to the circular economy

For over 20 years, our industry has been committed to sustainability, in response to growing consumer expectations of eco-responsibility. SWITCH Re, our brand-new range of products made from renewable, non-toxic materials, responds to these expectations by emphasizing this circular economy strategy.

This new range of laser products offers you significant competitive advantages while strengthening your brand image: commitment to sustainability, broadening your customer base and thus building loyalty. SWITCH Re not only enables you to combine economic profitability and environmental responsibility, but also ensures the sustainability of the sector.

For SWITCH Re, the choice of recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging was an obvious way of extending the packaging's life cycle, and even reusing it. What's more, our recycled cardboard packaging is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to sustainability and is part of a global circular approach, from product to container, for reduced environmental impact while maintaining the usual quality of our products.

Eco Packaging
Printer Compatibility Warranty
Remanufactured product
Lifetime warranty

SWITCH RE: Laser range

The result of a long development process, the packaging for the ecological laser range is FSC-certified (made from recycled materials) and 100% recyclable. It's also a highly technical product, recognized by several reliability standards:

  • - DIN 33870-1 and 2: Quality and reliability of monochrome and color remanufactured cartridges
  • - ISO 19752 and ISO 19798: Autonomy compliance of monochrome and color cartridges
  • - AMES test: Biological test to determine the mutagenic potential of a chemical compound

The expertise of our after-sales service is emphasized directly on the packaging to highlight our know-how and the quality of our hotline.

SWITCH RE: Promotional and sales tools

We provide you with a range of tools to help you promote this new range during the launch in your store, and maximize its impact with your customers.

A brand-new focus on circularity, environmental responsibility and positive impact

Eco Packaging Label FSC
Guaranteed printer compatibility
Remanufactured product
Lifetime warranty
based in France

Take part in the Circular Economy

Give a second life to your products
Reduce the CO2 impact impact of your offer
Offer your customers a consumer alternative
Promote employment in France
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