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VALORINK is one of the biggest players in the European empty inkjet cartridge market. In 2019, our network of more than 3500 partners collected 8 million empty cartridges in France and Europe. VALORINK has all the approvals for waste collection and is an approved Ecosytem partner.

Our goal is to offer you competitive prices and quality service on your shipments and orders. And thanks to our online interface, it has never been easier for you to resell or buy empty cartridges. If you are a collector or remanufacturer looking for empty cartridges to buy or sell, look no further than us.

Sell your empty cartridges

Cartridge collection

New technologies have revolutionized our current world and allow us to accomplish many tasks in an ever shorter time. This evolution also brings with it many ecological problems and every year, millions of tons of toxic waste are sent to our landfills. This is a distressing fact when most of this waste can be recycled!

VALORINK is an alternative to the production of this waste and gives you the possibility to earn money while accomplishing an ecological and citizen gesture.

If you are a professional, a private individual, a school or an association, we offer you an adapted offer for the recovery of your cartridges. It only takes a few clicks for a transporter to collect your empty cartridges.

So don't hesitate anymore and send your cartridges to VALORINK!

Sell your expired and overstock ink cartridges

Repurchase of empty or expired cartridges

To meet the demand of our reseller partners, we have expanded our service offer and now propose to buy back your expired or unsold consumables. So rather than keeping products in your shelves that have a decreasing value or that do not sell, make the right choice and value them with VALORINK!

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