Made in France

Discover our commitment to produce a range of alternative printing consumables in our premises and thus promote employment in France.

Developed in our production facility, discover how we provide the end user with the same user experience as the printer branded product while actively participating in the circular economy.

Collection and sorting of cartridges

01. Collection & Sorting

The cartridges are first sorted and visually inspected. Each cartridge is checked to ensure that it is not physically damaged.

We recycle mostly virgin cartridges, i.e. cartridges that have never been recycled before, in order to guarantee optimal quality. Only cartridges with no defects are selected for production.

Electrical test of the cartridges

02. Electrical test

100% of the products pass an electrical test to eliminate all the cartridges that will not be recognized by the printers or that present electrical defects (broken circuits, burnt resistors).

Cartridge processing

03. Processing

Milling of the covers and limiting walls inside the cartridges (Black and Color) in order to transform the small capacities into XL cartridges.

Cartridge filling

04. Filling

Our automatic filling machines allow us to control the quality and quantity of ink injected into our cartridges under pressurized atmosphere. This is an important know-how allowing us to automate this essential phase of the process in order to achieve a qualitative finished product.

Installation of the chips

05. Chip placement

The automatic soldering of the chip allows an electronic element to be affixed in order to reset the ink levels of the recycled cartridge. Thus, with our cartridges, the customer finds the same user experience as with a brand cartridge.

Print quality test

06. Print quality test

We test 100% of our cartridges on a printer or tester in order to be certain of the print quality at the end of production.

Installation of the protection elements

07. Installation of the protection elements

In order to protect the most fragile elements of the cartridge, we apply a scotch type protection called "Blue tape". A plastic or cardboard clip completes this protection.

Cartridge packaging

08. Packaging

Fitting of a label allowing the identification and the traceability of the cartridge then packaging in a specific bag called ESD (Electro Static Discharge).