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Prolaser: a major player in the circular economy

For 21 years, three essential words have defined the Prolaser company: collection, production and distribution

Print head, tank, laser, you want to give them a second life? Take part in the recycling of your products, and this, everywhere in France. Whether you are a professional, a private individual, a school or an association, we offer a collection point to recover them.

What is the circular economy?

Households are more and more solicited for the selective sorting and recycling. Everyone acts on a daily basis, whether in private life, in professional life or in public places (school, shopping centers...).

The circular economy seeks to limit the environmental impact by offering a second life to a product, as for example, for an inkjet cartridge with print head.

The journey of an inkjet cartridge in the circular economy

The journey of an inkjet cartridge in the circular economy

Valorink and its collection bins

Valorink, one of the largest players in the European empty cartridge recovery market, is a division of the Prolaser Group. It processes 10 million cartridges recovered per year in 3000 collection points in Europe.

Our Valorink collection bins

You often ask yourself this question:
"Where can I put my cartridge?"
We have the solution with collectors.

It's simple, just go to a location that has it and drop it off. Thus, you will become a major actor in its life cycle !

You do not have a terminal nearby ?
You have a strategic place to put it ?
You wish to improve your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report ?

We have the solution, we deliver quickly a collection point. Once installed in your store, don't hesitate to communicate to your customers about the usefulness of this terminal.

Waste management

When the terminal is full, we take care of its removal, in order to proceed with the sorting. It takes place in 2 steps:
By categories : laser, inkjet and printheads,
By cartridge references.

After this step, a test is performed to verify that the electrical circuits are not damaged. If it is positive, the cartridge will be reused. Otherwise we recover all the raw materials (dismantling / material recovery).

Over 750 tons of plastic processed

Let's think about tomorrow's generations

As you all know, recycling is an essential issue for future generations. For Prolaser it is just as important! That's why we extend the life of our products through a well-defined process.

The 5 key points of cartridge recycling :
1. The internal washing of the cartridge : we use demineralized water, which is then removed with a centrifuge.
2. Ink filling : each cartridge is weighed to verify that it has been filled with the correct ml.
3. The implementation of a new chip to allow our printers to recognize the cartridge.
4. The print test to ensure your printers are recognized.
5. And finally the conditioning.

Let's do the right thing as soon as possible

The circular circuit of an ink cartridge

Now, the cartridge is ready to go back to our distributors everywhere in France and abroad. We hope to see it again to extend its use.

Don't forget, continue to take action to give new life to all this waste, especially printing products. This way, you will reduce your CO2 emissions, while promoting employment in France.